What is Sydney Urodynamic Centres?

Sydney Urodynamic Centres do scientific medical tests, or Urodynamic Studies, for women with
bladder problems and infections, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor prolapsed, urinary tract infections, vaginal prolapsed and many other conditions.

Six centres.

For 20 years, we have provided a wide range of urogynaecology services to the women of New South Wales and their doctors . Our six centres are located throughout Sydney.

Who is Sydney Urodynamic Centres?

Our service is run by four urogynaecologists, trained and accredited by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG).

They are assisted by highly trained, experienced and caring female nurses who will make your experience comfortable and pleasant.

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What is urodynamics?

Urodynamics assess how the female bladder and urethra perform their job of storing and releasing urine.

What is a Urodynamic Study or Assessment?

Through Urodynamic Studies, our gynaecologists can scientifically assess if you have urinary incontinence and lower urinary tract dysfunction. They can then provide an accurate diagnosis to your doctor and offer advice on treatments.

Think you may have a urinary problem?

You are not alone. One in four women of all ages suffers from some kind of urinary incontinence. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can solve many from these problems.
If you think you may have a bladder or pelvic floor problem: