Treatments for women’s bladder, pelvic floor and incontinence problems

Once you have had a Urodynamic Study done and a correct diagnosis has been made, your doctor can discuss an appropriate management plan with you.

Different types of bladder problemspelvic floor problems and urinary incontinence require different treatments. They can vary from several forms of physiotherapy to medications, hormone treatment and occasionally, surgery.

Current options for incontinence often require minimal time in hospital and have a rapid recovery with excellent results.

Why you need to see a specialist

Because different types of incontinence (stress, urge and overflow incontinence) often occur together in the same woman, it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis clinically.

This is why it’s so important to get your medical practioner to refer you for urodynamics to accurately diagnose your problem.

Visit a centre located near you

A referral from your doctor is required to have a Urodynamic Study done.

Your doctor may have our referral forms. If not they can download it from this site. Alternatively you can download one and take it to your doctor to complete.

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