Our services for urinary, bladder and pelvic floor problems

At Sydney Urodynamic Centres we do scientific medical tests, or Urodynamic Studies, to diagnose women’s bladder and pelvic floor problems. To book an appointment with our expert urogynaecologists you will need a referral from your doctor, gynaecologist or urologist.

What problems do we test for?

We provide urodynamic tests to correctly diagnose and recommend treatments for:

What is a urodynamic assesment?

Urodynamic assessment is a highly specialised and sophisticated method of making a scientifically accurate diagnosis of the causes of bladder and pelvic floor problems.

How does a Urodynamic Study work?

A urodynamic recording system measuring all the relevant functions of your bladder is connected to a computer. This measures, integrates and correlates your urine flow rate, bladder capacity and muscular and nervous control of your bladder.

At the same time your bladder, urethra and pelvic floor is observed via either x-ray or ultrasound.

The assessment is relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t take long or require the use of drugs and there is minimal discomfort.

What happens with my results?

At the conclusion of the investigation the cause of the lower urinary symptoms is established and we make a recommendation for appropriate treatment. This is sent to your referring doctor who then organises the management of your condition.

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A referral from your doctor, gynaecologist or urologist is required to have a Urodynamic Study done.

Your doctor may have our referral form. If not, they can download it from this site. Alternatively you can download one and take it to your doctor to complete.

Click here to download a referral form