Urinary incontinence and other bladder problems for women

Many women suffer a variety of urinary symptoms such as:

  • urinary frequency – urinating more than 8 times per day
  • urinary urgency – the need to urinate immediately
  • nocturia – urinating in excess of twice at night
  • recurrent urinary tract infections
  • sensation of incomplete bladder emptying
  • a bulge or lump in the vagina

Whilst these symptoms may seem relatively minor or annoying, they can lead to other health problems and affect the way you live.

Could you have a bladder problem or urinary problem and not know it?

If you do suffer from any of these symptoms, we recommend you talk to your doctor and ask for a referral to one of our centres. The correct diagnosis is the only way to achieve the right treatment. The wrong treatment may be frustrating and dangerous.

Unsure if you have a problem with your bladder?

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