Uterine prolapse or prolapse of the uterus tests

What is uterine prolapse or prolapse of the uterus?

Prolapse means “to fall out of place”. A uterine prolapse is when the uterus falls into the vagina. Uterine prolapse is categorised into 3 levels depending on the degree to which the uterus has descended into the vagina.

What causes uterine prolapse?

It’s usually a result of weakened, stretched or damaged supports in the pelvic floor. The uterus is one of several organs in the pelvic floor which may prolapse.

What are common symptoms of a prolapsed uterus?

Symptoms may include:

  • pelvic discomfort
  • back ache
  • bladder problems and urinary problems
  • bowel problems.

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What treatment is recommended for uterine prolapse?

Treatment for prolapse should be done by a qualified urogynaecologist. It may either be surgical or conservative (non surgical).

Before any surgery is done, you should have a thorough investigation – including a Urodynamic Study – to ensure there are no other underlying conditions.

Sydney Urodynamic Centres are highly qualified urodynamics specialists. We can conduct tests for uterine prolapse and other urinary problems for you, or through your doctor.

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You’ll ned a referral from your doctor to have a Urodynamic Study done.

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