Accurate diagnosis of women’s bladder and pelvic floor problems

Bladder problems and pelvic floor problems such as urinary incontinence, uterine and vaginal prolapse are common in women of all ages and can be caused by several different conditions.

These problems can be embarrassing, inconvenient and disruptive to your lifestyle. However, with the correct treatment you can easily return to enjoying a normal, full life.

Urodynamic Study – the right diagnosis for the right treatment

For any bladder problem, it’s vital you receive a correct diagnosis first time so that the right treatment can be recommended.

At Sydney Urodynamic Centres, we use the Urodynamic Study. This is the most accurate test available to diagnose bladder conditions. The Urodynamic Study:

  • takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours, from your appointment time
  • is performed by specialist doctors, assisted by highly trained and caring female nurses

Most women experiences minimal discomfort and say that the test is far less uncomfortable than the bladder problems that they have been living with.

Recommended before pelvic floor surgery

We recommend that you have a Urodynamic Study performed prior to surgery on your pelvic floor. This ensures any underlying problems can also be rectified during your surgery.

When will you get the results?

You should book in to see your referring doctor two weeks after we have done your Urodynamic Study. This allows us time to put together an accurate report and send it to your doctor to review.

See all the conditions we test for and assess.

Visit a centre located near you

A referral from your doctor is required to have a Urodynamic Study done. Your doctor may have our referral forms. If not they can download one from this site. Alternatively, you can download one and take it to your doctor to complete.

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